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EN to waggle
[waggled|waggled] {verbo}

to waggle (anche: to move, to stir)
to waggle (anche: to go, to run, to step, to travel)
to waggle (anche: to sway, to tilt, to wobble, to judder)
to waggle (anche: to sway, to tilt)
to waggle (anche: to wag)
to waggle
to waggle (anche: to wobble)

Esempi di utilizzo "to waggle" in Ungherese

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EnglishThe skiff rolled left and right in a wiggle-waggle, then went into a screaming climb.
A szkiff jobbra-balra kanyargott, aztán felvágott az égre.
EnglishHolmes cried, but with a sardonic little waggle of his eyebrows.
- Gondoskodom róla, hogy egy ideig nyugton maradjon.
EnglishChen called Hari forward to the docket with a waggle of his thin finger, and pointed to an informer tablet, on which an image of the world and its location were displayed.
Chen ernyedt ujjmozdulattal magához intette Harit, rábökött egy infotáblára, amelyen egy bolygó képe, a kép mellett pedig a rávonatkozó pontos adatok látszottak.