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funnily enough


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funnily avverbio
enough aggettivo
Enough! interiezione

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EnglishFunnily enough, I could have predicted it without any difficulty whatsoever.
Eigenartigerweise hätte ich dies ohne jegliche Schwierigkeit voraussagen können.
EnglishNow, funnily enough, this is also Joseph after six months on antiretroviral treatment.
Lustigerweise ist das nun auch Joseph, nach sechs Monaten antiretroviraler Behandlung.
EnglishAnd funnily enough, they were frustrated about that.
EnglishBut reducing taxation and other things - which, funnily enough, is what certain Members to my left have suggested - is no way to solve the problem.
Aber die Lösung des Problems ist nicht, was hier witzigerweise von meiner linken Seite gekommen ist, die Senkung der Steuern oder anderer Dinge.