to nick [nicked|nicked] {verbo}

1. generale
2. familiare
to nick
pispar {v.} [es.] (robar)
3. Inglese britannico, colloquiale
to nick (anche: to pinch)
afanarse {v.} [gerg.] (robar)
to nick (anche: to catch)
to nick (anche: to rip … off)
to nick (anche: to swipe)
mangar {v. t.} [Sp.] [coll.] (robar)
4. Inglese britannico, gergale
to nick (anche: to nab)
apañar [apañando|apañado] {v. t.} [Mex.] [coll.] (pescar, pillar)
to nick (anche: to pick up, to pull in)
emplumar [emplumando|emplumado] {v. t.} [Sp.] [coll.] (delincuente)
to nick (anche: to bust)
ligar [ligando|ligado] {v. t.} [Sp.] [gerg.] (apresar)

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Esempi di utilizzo "to nick" in Spagnolo

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EnglishMr President, the European arrest warrant was saved in the nick of time.
Señor Presidente, la orden de detención europea se ha salvado por los pelos.
EnglishQuite frankly that was an open invitation to nick half the stuff in my office.
Diré con toda franqueza que era una clara invitación a« distraer» la mitad de lo que había en mi oficina.
EnglishThe man who saves turtles - Malaysia Nick saves sea turtles.
El gorila de Grauer, en ocasiones llamado gorila de llanura oriental, es a veces olvidado.
EnglishMy dear Nick, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again very sincerely for your splendid work!
Querido Nick, muchas gracias de nuevo desde este lugar por tu extraordinario trabajo.
English— it's just a little nick
EnglishI personally receive faxes and I have had a number of conversations with the relevant minister, Mr Nick Brown, on these issues.
Personalmente recibo faxes y he mantenido varias conversaciones con el ministro responsable, Sr. Nick Brown, sobre estos temas.
Englishcould you take me over to Nick's?
EnglishMadam President, Nick Griffin of the British National Party has suggested that my voting is influenced by commercial interests.
Señora Presidenta, Nick Griffin, del Partido Nacional Británico, ha insinuado que en mi votación influyen intereses comerciales.
Englishhe says old Nick appears to him
EnglishNick Clegg is saying that it only has to be provisional and I am saying that it must be permanent and firmer than the current regulation.
El Sr. Clegg dice que debe ser tan solo provisional, y yo digo que debe ser permanente y más firme que la normativa actual.
Englishhe jumped just in the nick of time
Englishposted by Nick Davis
EnglishDoes my friend, Nick Griffin, a true British patriot, take offence at the fact that, for us, Joan of Arc is a national heroine?
¿Se siente mi amigo, Nick Griffin, un auténtico patriota británico, ofendido por el hecho de que, para nosotros, Juana de Arco sea una heroína nacional?
EnglishAt its new Zerodegrees outlet in Bristol, Nick Desai decided to install a total of sixteen Axis network cameras and four analog cameras.
En el nuevo establecimiento de Zerodegrees en Bristol, Nick Desai decidió instalar un total de dieciséis cámaras de red Axis y cuatro cámaras analógicas.
EnglishMRF, an IUCN Member, now serves as a base from which Nick addresses turtle conservation at various levels, and with an ever-growing diversity of people.
The aim being to enhance international cooperation and to advance the quality, innovation and European dimension of protected area management.