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Volume Licensing only provides Windows upgrade licenses.
Los contratos de Licencias por Volumen solo proporcionan licencias de actualización.
You do not need to purchase additional server licenses, CALs, or Internet Connector Licenses.
Usted no necesita adquirir más licencias, ni de servidor, ni CALs ni licencias de Conector de Internet.
Note that the formats are subject to certain licenses.
Tenga en cuenta que los formatos están sometidos a unas licencias determinadas.

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EnglishCreate on-demand driver’s licenses, national IDs, healthcare cards, and social security cards with Zebra card products.
TLP 2824 Plus: Impresora fácil de usar, fiable y ultracompacta
EnglishKnow which licenses are mobile as identified in the Product Use Rights (PUR).
EnglishSee Your Step-up Licensing OptionThe list of products for which Step-up Licenses are available is subject to change.
Vea sus opciones de Step-upLa lista de productos para los que el Step-up está disponible está sujeta a cambios.
EnglishManage your Volume Licenses, download licensed products, and access product keys in one centralized location.
EnglishExisting licenses are not affected, but will be changed to the new format at the time of renewal or at the latest by 2033.
Esto no afectará a los permisos ya expedidos, cuyo formato cambiará al renovarlos o, como muy tarde, en el año 2033.
EnglishWe no longer have to worry about new licenses; we just use the technology wherever it can improve our enterprise infrastructure and operations.
Utilizamos la tecnología en cualquier ocasión si con ello mejoramos nuestra infraestructura corporativa y nuestras operaciones.
EnglishWith the Enterprise CAL Suite, you get licenses for the components of the Core CAL Suite and other components that are unique to the Enterprise CAL Suite.
EnglishFor businesses that want to purchase Microsoft licenses alone, rather than an entire technology solution involving services or Partner and 3rd party products.
Para obtener financiación, el cliente deberá contar con la aprobación crediticia del proveedor de crédito correspondiente.
EnglishYou do not need CALs or EC licenses because Per Processor licensing allows any number of users to access the software from any number of devices.
En estos casos no se necesitan CALs ni permite el acceso al software a cualquier número de usuarios desde cualquier número de dispositivos.
EnglishYour Volume Licensing licenses can be deployed on the service provider’s infrastructure once you have confirmed that you meet the requirements above and have chosen a partner.
Aproveche las ventajas de tener una infraestructura informática de bajo coste para el cambio de las prioridades de su negocio.
EnglishWhen you license the Enterprise CAL Suite, you do not have to maintain a separate Core CAL Suite—this is different from licensing the same products under individual licenses.
EnglishAt the onset of your three-year agreement, pricing is based on a tiered volume structure, meaning the greater the size of your organization the less you’ll pay for individual licenses.