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"to bring about" in russo

EN to bring about

to bring about (anche: to carry out, to get through, to hoodwink, to lead)
провести [провести́] {v.}

Esempi di utilizzo "to bring about" in Russo

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EnglishAnd they were able to get tens of thousands of, primarily, women, some men, in the streets to bring about change.
И их усилия в том числе принесли мир Северной Ирландии.
EnglishBut I would like to bring you back to about here at 1960.
Я бы хотел вернуть вас сюда, в 1960 год.
EnglishYou probably also know that she has spent 15 of the last 20 years imprisoned for her efforts to bring about democracy.
Вы, возможно, также знаете, что 15 из последних 20 лет она провела в тюрьме за попытки установить демократию.
Englishto bring a hornets' nest about one's ears
Englishto bring a hornets' nest about one's ears