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organized group
  • gruppo organizzato

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Queste frasi vengono da fonti esterne e potrebbero essere non accurate. bab.la non è responsabile per il loro contenuto.

A clan, guild or faction is an organized group of video gamers that regularly play together in multiplayer games.
Consequently, there is an organized group of individuals, dedicated to breaching the law, reaping the monetary benefits by taking advantage of a parent's vulnerability.
It is sometimes easy to forget that a company is actually just an organized group of individual consumers.
Neal said it's an organized group of people who are purposely going after seniors.
Rather, he described it as an organized group of individuals.
The clubhouse of sorts was home to an organized group of dedicated fans, complete with membership cards and tongue-in-cheek rules.
It's believed the two people arrested were part of an organized group, trying to make fake cheques for bank fraud.
One boat was straggling behind what seemed to be an organized group, he said.
When funders get 20 to 30 phone calls from an organized group, it creates an atmosphere of fear and makes them wary.
On campuses, they have access to an organized group to address.

Esempi di utilizzo "organized group" in Italiano

EnglishAt a conference recently in Berlin organized by the Kangaroo Group I offered some of my views in this respect.
In una recente conferenza organizzata a Berlino dal Kangaroo Group ho esposto alcune mie idee al riguardo.
EnglishThis is not to underplay the importance of that protocol but simply to say that a well-organized, well-financed lobby group, can achieve a remarkable amount.
Con questo non voglio sminuire l'importanza di quel protocollo, ma dire semplicemente che un gruppo di pressione ben organizzato e adeguatamente finanziato può ottenere molto.

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