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organic grain
  • grano biologico

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The elevator was still in use and was storing organic grain at the time of the fire.
Increasing demand for organic grain, in addition to a poor growing season, has resulted in flour millers having to source flour from overseas.
The shortage of organic grain is having consequences for producers further down the supply chain.
Farmers who decide to switch to organic grain production this spring won't be organic growers until 2018.
Farmers quit the sector when organic grain prices crashed during the global economic collapse of 2008-11.
Organic grain production systems rely heavily on tillage, which in turn creates problems with erosion and salinity.
With demand outstripping supply, prices for organic grain are high.
What we've got is a decline in the number of farmers growing organic grain and on top of that we've got a growth industry.
Organic grain is that which is grown without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides.
The couple primarily produces organic grain and oilseeds on 550 acres of land.

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