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organic gardening
  • giardinaggio biologico

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A famous supporter of organic gardening, he once admitted talking to his plants to help them grow.
By being involved from planting to harvesting, young children will fully reap the benefits of organic gardening!
The aim of the centre is to provide training and education, information and demonstrations of organic gardening, growing and sustainable living.
It also offers more than 40 workshops and seminars for the public, on topics such as terrarium making and organic gardening.
She said she initially got started with the club for her love of herbs and organic gardening.
Despite a surge of interest in organic gardening, green fingered consumers continue to favour toxic chemicals to combat pests.
Longo, whose father was a nursery man, had a background in organic gardening.
He's found his green thumb here since trading habitual drug use for organic gardening.

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