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orchid grow
  • orchidea crescere

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That means less space for the island's many species, including vanilla, as the vanilla orchid grows in the shade of trees.
These orchids are by far the most popular orchid grown around the world.
A big blue globe near the opening of the exhibit shows places where orchids grow.
To ease his anxiety, he began seeking out other activities such as bonsai and orchid growing.
It is believed that more than 360 varieties of orchids grow on the hill sides.
Orchids grow in profusion on the verges of narrow country lanes.
We don't think we have been to any province and not seen this wonderful, sweetly fragrant, adaptable orchid growing in someone's garden, somewhere.
He also knows each of the orchids growing in his wild-flower meadow individually.
They've made two short summer borders in hot colours and in the long grass beyond, planted a small grove of birch trees with cowslips and wild orchids growing underneath.

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