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only giveaway
  • solo giveaway

Esempi di utilizzo "only giveaway" in Inglese

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The only giveaway is the occasional far-way look in their eye when they think how lucky they have been and how much they owe to that donor.
Today, with the prosthesis in place, the only giveaway is a slight asymmetry to her eye socket.
While the actual recipe change is confidential, the only giveaway is the richer and creamier taste.
Cinematic camera angles seen during certain events, like character intros and supers, are the only giveaway.
The slightly uneven regenerative braking is the only giveaway.
He said that the only giveaway was a very faint smell of smoke.
The only giveaway was a lone and presumably cold soul that stood outside keeping watch for the next group of guests.
The only giveaway that this is in fact a plane, is the row of porthole-style windows and a gently curved ceiling.

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