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oil gland
  • ghiandola oleoidea
  • ghiandola di petrolio

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Sebaceous hyperplasias form when these sebocytes do not break down and, instead, crowd the oil gland, causing it to expand.
In adolescence through age 45 or 50, the most common type of infection is a boil -- the virulent infection of a hair follicle or oil gland.
The bump could be a boil -- a pus-filled skin infection that occurs around a hair follicle or oil gland -- or a stye if the lump is on your eyelid.
Mint has the good cleansing property which stops the bacterial action of oil glands on skin.
This inflammatory skin condition can spread to the eyelid, causing the oil glands to become blocked.
This causes an imbalance of the oil glands and pores and sets off a series of events which ultimately causes inflammation.
It happens when oil glands in the eyelids become blocked, meaning the tears lack their usual layer of oil and evaporate too quickly.

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