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offer guidance
  • guida per l'offerta
  • offrire indicazioni

Esempi di utilizzo "offer guidance" in Inglese

Queste frasi vengono da fonti esterne e potrebbero essere non accurate. bab.la non è responsabile per il loro contenuto.

Ali greets people warmly, listens patiently and does his best to offer guidance.
As a leader, people expect you to always be prepared, to offer guidance, words of wisdom or a story to share.
There are plenty of services, books, and experts out there willing to offer guidance.
Venkatasen said pupils became arrogant when teachers tried to offer guidance, and said they committed crimes while "mostly high on drugs".
We often tend to forget that behind our leaders is a wide range of "experts" paid to offer guidance.
However, there is a lack of social media roadmaps available to offer guidance on choosing reliable sources of information.
Successful panels pre-design an interviewing strategy to offer guidance on the questions, the mode of questioning and clarity on questions assigned to each member.
Many well-known scientific journals frequently publish papers that claim to predict global crop yields or offer guidance on how farmers can adapt.
The past should be used to order change, offer guidance, and to set standards for the future.

Esempi di utilizzo "offer guidance" in Italiano

EnglishAt the end of the study we want to offer some guidance to the Order to see what must be done, so as to strengthen faithfulness.
Una volta terminato lo studio, daremo all’Ordine degli orientamenti su come intervenire per rafforzare la fedeltà.
EnglishIn other Member States there is a great deal of interest in creating an instrument which provides investment in highend technological SMEs, and which can offer guidance.
Alcuni altri Stati membri dimostrano molto interesse per un meccanismo che possa investire nelle PMI a elevato valore tecnico e anche offrire assistenza.

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