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nuclear genome
  • genoma nucleare

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In fact, there was confusion even within the nuclear genome.
Mitochondria is an organelle which is found in several thousand copies within a cell and it has its own genome which is unique in many ways from the nuclear genome.
One key feature of this extensive scientific literature is that the effect of the mitochondrial genome is sometimes surpassed by the effect of it interacting with the nuclear genome.
The accumulation is thought to be triggered by a mutation in the nuclear genome.
The research will be extended to investigate paternal lineages and information from the nuclear genome.
The team base their findings on a complete sequencing of the mitochondrial genome and a partial sequencing, between 1% and 2%, of the nuclear genome.
In mitochondrial replacement therapy, researchers transfer the nuclear genome of an egg that has mutant mitochondria into a healthy donor egg.
It'll be even harder to sequence the nuclear genome of these titans.
To fully understand a plant's nuclear genome, scientists must also study two other genomes found within plant cells -- -in the "powerhouse" mitochondria and in the photosynthesizing chloroplast organelles.
It is the first time that ancient nuclear genome data from the region has been analysed and compared to those living there today.

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