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novel genes
  • nuovi geni

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The study also identified novel genes and proteins that contribute to human health and disease.
The researchers discovered novel genes and proteins that contribute to human health and disease, adding a new level of understanding to the complexity and diversity of these organisms.
Bats, the only flying mammal, have "novel genes" to deal with toxins that are produced while they fly.
Gillian discovered 13 novel genes along the reproductive tract of the mare and stallion which they believe play a critical role in regulation of fertility.
The team believes their work could benefit not just microbiologists, but also biochemists looking for novel genes, as well as researchers studying evolution.
That does mean that their results underestimate the production of novel genes in history, but it's a small loss and one the authors are aware of.
Novel genes are continuously emerging during evolution, but what drives this process?
By maintaining the traditional varieties opportunities shall be opened for the breeders and the crop scientists to find novel genes and traits.
The students will use original research data to learn how to interpret the function of novel genes from gene sequences and how to model the disease in zebrafish.
And other novel genes, including ones with serious health consequences, may await discovery in understudied populations.

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