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natural gait
  • andatura naturale

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As a result, his legs and the battery-operated exoskeleton now work in tandem to give him a more natural gait.
By the 50th wind sprint, her subjects had generally let go and acquired a more natural gait.
One of the major benefits was its redistribution of weight back on to the hip in a more natural way, allowing a more natural gait.
All cars have a natural gait, a speed at which they're happiest.
The suit was also designed to be a better walker overall, closely mimicking a natural gait.
Trail runners who require very little in the way of support or padding and want to run with a natural gait.
Using the information, the walker provides an optimum force at the patient's pelvis, guiding the patient to walk with a natural gait.
Davis believes that people were born to run but are often sidelined by injuries, some of which result from changes in our natural gait induced by modern running shoes.

Esempi di utilizzo "natural gait" in Italiano

EnglishThere are battery packs here as well that power motors that are sitting at her hips, as well as her knee joints, that move her forward in this kind of smooth and very natural gait.
Ci sono anche delle batterie che danno energia ai motori sui fianchi e sulle rotule, che la spingono in avanti con un'andatura regolare e molto naturale.

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