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national grant
  • sovvenzione nazionale

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Rockford is one of three cities that was recently selected for a national grant.
The group is working with clinicians and biotechnology companies to move the research from the university to clinical practice, with the help of a national grant.
The shortfall is raised through local, regional and national grants, donations from sponsors, key partners, businesses, organisations and individuals, bequests and other events.
Interestingly, most studies funded by national grant funding schemes are not subject to the same level of scrutiny.
Dlamini has come under fire for allegedly leading her department into a national grant pay-out crisis, thus putting the lives of the most vulnerable citizens at risk.
They have been awarded a national grant to research the inclusion of women, rural and coastal groups in forming climate change strategies.
We are the only city that as a percentage of our own capex you will find that national grants are 20% to 25%.
Nonprofits attract tens of millions of dollars in federal and national grants and other investments.
New data from the department of social development indicates that 67% of pupils who passed matric in 2015 were beneficiaries of the national grants system.
This national grant to municipalities funds - among others - basic services.

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EnglishAmendments Nos 19, 14, 37 and 38 seek to make it possible once again for Italy, Spain and Portugal to grant national aid.
Gli emendamenti nn. 19, 14, 37 e 38 prevedono di ridare a Italia, Spagna e Portogallo la possibilità di concedere aiuti nazionali.

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