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fixed gear
  • ingranaggio fisso
  • ingranaggi fissi

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The fixed gear, eliminator-style criterium ensures that only the strongest survive.
Fixed gear is now a recognised part of mainstream cycling, just as it was way back in the '40s and '50s.
And although all track bikes have just a single fixed gear (no coasting), their gear ratios differ based on the event.
I won't debate your point about whether fishing is better with or without fixed gear on the reefs.
Since the fixed gear scene is very new, many people are relying on social network services to share their riding skills and product information.
It's very much like any fixed gear bike you'll see on the streets, but with the additional motor, it's less effort to get about.
Fixed gear bicycles, or fixies, usually do not have brakes, with cyclists using methods like skid-stopping or pace-pedalling to stop the bicycle.
The fishermen include those who use fixed gear in boats shorter than about 14 metres.
A fixed gear machine, and that's not really useful in the practical world.