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fitness gym
  • palestra fitness

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Indoors, there will also be a fitness gym, game area, audio-video room, lounge area and sky lounge with a function room.
It will feature a 1,400-seater ballroom, specialty restaurants, a fitness gym, an executive lounge, and meeting rooms.
Not into formal politics, but has real estate stakes and runs a fitness gym.
The facility also has a fitness gym, a multi-purpose room with air-conditioning, and a big glass window facing the field.
It could also include a fitness gym for people who prefer to exercise indoors, which would raise money to help fund the centre.
Now 37, he has invested in other income sources like a fitness gym and a soon-to-open coffee shop.
The more active ones can keep in shape at the fitness gym or spend the day lounging by the swimming pool complex and promenade.
A bar and clubhouse are located on the top floor with outside seating and panoramic views, while a fitness gym with changing facilities is also located at this level.

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