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"fish guts" traduzione italiano

fish guts
  • budella di pesce

Esempi di utilizzo "fish guts" in Inglese

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However, the blues seem to be having much more fun flailing in fish guts.
Who knew there were fish guts in beer in the first place?
In the end it was the fish guts that bonded us, my son and me.
She also had to deal with fish guts and spiders, amongst other horrible things, being poured over her.
But the hardest thing was the fish guts - that was the worst thing ever!
Don't scoff: even the most rugged outdoorsman covered in leaves and fish guts sometimes wants a humanizing caffeine infusion.
An old lady selling cured fish guts held a battery-powered fan to her face.
They also had to scrub down the floors every day to make sure nobody slipped on fish guts.

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