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fish gills
  • branchie di pesce

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His research projects include using nanomaterials to deliver a vaccine into fish gills, removing the need to inject them individually, and studying the nanomaterials in outdoor and indoor air.
These structures may have allowed water it swallowed to escape, possibly the evolutionary forerunner of fish gills.
However, in large doses, such as when chromium-laced waste is dumped into regional water systems, it can damage fish gills, incite respiratory problems, infections, infertility, and birth defects.
The reflections from these fins move as the sun changes, like glittering fish gills, or water reacting to light.
Last year, farms also reported mass fish deaths, caused by hot weather and a plankton bloom that clogged fish gills.
As of yet, though, scientists haven't found any remora larvae lodged in fish gills, so the idea remains speculation.

Esempi di utilizzo "fish gills" in Italiano

EnglishIt gets in the gills of fish.

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