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firm grasp of
  • presa ferma di
  • affietto fermo di

Esempi di utilizzo "firm grasp of" in Inglese

Queste frasi vengono da fonti esterne e potrebbero essere non accurate. bab.la non è responsabile per il loro contenuto.

A tough, no nonsense, honest officer with a firm grasp of city policing, his appointment resulted in many rowdy gangs taking to their heels!
He reveals a lack of a firm grasp of the principles of elementary economics.
Hence, that degree of control and a firm grasp of his instrument.
His remarks showed a firm grasp of the communications universe and of the revolutionary changes it is undergoing.
Huge scale of modern democracies prevents voters from having a firm grasp of issues.
I have seen many small businesses fail because they didn't have a firm grasp of their trade.
I think that such a person badly overestimates the weight the evidence will bear and lacks a firm grasp of probabilistic thinking.
Just like learning to use any other tool, you will need a firm grasp of the basics before you are successful at more complicated projects.
People who have a firm grasp of what they're selling can usually give you a lot of details.

Esempi di utilizzo "firm grasp of" in Italiano

EnglishThese texts may also suffer somewhat from the fact that they come to us mainly from Italy, the first country really to have a firm grasp of this whole issue.
I testi risentono forse del fatto che la loro fonte principale è stata l'Italia, primo paese ad aver affrontato di petto il fenomeno.
EnglishHe demonstrated a firm grasp of the subject matter he will have to deal with over the next five years and he also showed a powerful desire to work with the European Parliament.
Egli ha dimostrato di possedere una conoscenza approfondita della materia che tratterà nei prossimi cinque anni e ha espresso anche un forte interesse a lavorare con il Parlamento europeo.

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