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finished goods
  • prodotti finiti

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In a sign of caution over the outlook, factories continued to draw down heavily on inventories of finished goods.
Once completed, these two key projects will facilitate manufacturing and transportation of finished goods.
The finished goods, especially the consumer goods are mostly transported by heavy trucks.
They import our raw materials to their countries and manufacture the finished goods, which they then sell back here.
Also, the relevant batch of finished goods was recalled from the market and prosecution initiated, he added.
On the other hand, a slower rate of expansion was recorded for inventory, stocks of finished goods and supplier deliveries.
The supply chain activities will include everything related to stocking and supply of finished goods to distributors and retailers in the region.
The questions that define sustainable growth are, are we exporting more finished goods than raw materials?
It is generally easier to agree prices for finished goods since there are often equivalent items traded between non-related companies.
While some finished goods attract zero per cent duty, others are taxed, with the upper limit being 10.3%.

Esempi di utilizzo "finished goods" in Italiano

EnglishThe problem really lies in the importing of finished goods, the substances contained in which will simply be notified.
Il vero problema riguarda l'importazione di prodotti finiti, poiché le sostanze in essi contenute saranno semplicemente notificate.
EnglishWith prices of raw materials and finished goods constantly on the rise, this task is proving to be extremely difficult.
L'aumento costante dei prezzi delle materie prime e dei prodotti finiti rende estremamente difficile il raggiungimento di questi obiettivi.
EnglishIndeed we already have evidence that this will lead to job losses not only in the finishing sector but also in increased imports of finished goods at the end of the day.
Abbiamo già avuto la prova che siffatte imposizioni causano la perdita di posti di lavoro, non solo nel settore di finitura, ma provocano anche un aumento delle importazioni di prodotti finiti.

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