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finger grip
  • impugnatura per le dita.
  • grip delle dita

Esempi di utilizzo "finger grip" in Inglese

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Love of giving a taste of death's fingers gripping the very edge of endurance where fear joins up the circle of family feeling for each other.
All they seem to do at nursery is sing rhymes, scribble, paint or colour in with the skills of finger grip and other basics just starting to be developed.
The thumb and finger grip area is covered in a hardened rubber with a lightly textured surface that allows for good grip levels.
I just nodded as my fingers gripped the dashboard in fear.
My feminism is one of solidarity, but my ethnicity has left me standing on tip-toes, fingers gripped to the window-ledge to peer in.
There, he or she controls the surgical instruments with sensitive thumb and finger grips.
These finger grips have definitely improved her handwriting skills, and even her teacher notices a difference.
Her fingers gripped me tighter, her arms pinned me in a fierce hug, her body pressed against me.
She peers out plotting her next move, her invincible fingers gripping the shards of her former prison walls.

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