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finely ground
  • finemente macinato

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In a small bowl, almond gazpacho with toasted slivers, finely ground meal and tiny cubes of vibrant compressed apple.
Finely ground meal and flour-type feeds containing 40-50% of protein are used.
The glass is made of finely ground silver and gold dust that produces a dichroic, or color-changing, effect.
The lakes appear different colours owing to variations in algae content or to the presence of finely ground rock flowing in from the mountain glaciers.
An aeropress is a syringe-like device that uses air pressure to draw flavour from finely ground coffee beans.
They talk of finely ground glacial silt which makes the water an unearthly blue and crystal clear.
Use a small, organic banana, mixed with 5ml of runny honey -- manuka if you have it -- and 25g of finely ground oatmeal.
Fill the containers with a growing mix made up of half peat moss and half finely ground pine bark mulch.
We start with soup and fattoush, and after that we eat anything from kibbeh bulgur, onion and finely ground meat to samosas.

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