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final grade
  • grado finale

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Queste frasi vengono da fonti esterne e potrebbero essere non accurate. bab.la non è responsabile per il loro contenuto.

Almost half -- 49 percent -- of girls who begin primary school leave before completing the final grade.
And if his advance credits is poor, it would not be good for the final grade.
The changes include the reintroduction of non-exam assessment of fieldwork in geography which will count for 20% of the final grade.
The following week you meet for the result of the oral examination, but not necessarily the final grade.
Excessive tardiness will be noted and will affect your final grade.
There's another problem with dissertations though, and that's the fact that they're often important to your final grade.
He asked me later on for "extra work" to raise his final grade.
Marking period and unit assessments would be used instead to generate a final grade.

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