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film goer
  • frequentatore di film
  • film goer

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Today, film goers have an entertaining commercial movie to look forward to.
These films were made relevant to black film goers by incorporating jazz, blues and references to the contemporary black culture of the day.
Last decade's general film goer is this decade's super cinephile.
Its promos had generated lot of curiosity among the film goers here.
As a film goer, there no bigger treat than going into a cinema with no expectations, and leaving overjoyed.
Too many films appear to be written for either the film school crowd (who don't watch it) or some patronising fantasy of the average film goer (who doesn't exist).
Three teams -- each consisting of a sound engineer, cameraman, civil engineer, journalist and a knowledgeable film goer -- have visited the theatres collecting details about the quality of the facilities.
In addition, its poster and teaser have garnered a lot of attention from the film goers, who are eagerly waiting for its release.
The story is edge of the seat stuff, with plenty for the average film goer to enjoy.

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