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fill a gallery
  • riempire una galleria

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This exhibition focuses on making original art work accessible to everyone by filling the gallery with small- or medium-sized art works priced at $150 or less.
Following the unanimous decision in their favour, emotion spilled in the capacity filled gallery.
The volume of work -- which could easily fill a gallery with three times the space -- takes away from the individual pieces.
Sculptures, sketches, paintings and other concept art from the film that took over five years to make, fills a gallery.
Dozens of painted plaster faun heads fill the gallery in front of them.
This year about 85 artists joined the rush to fill the gallery walls with mostly painting, some photographs and a handful of three-dimensional works.
Within minutes of the sewer eruption, a foot of water had filled the gallery.
Glasser's signature fragrance will fill the gallery environment and bring viewers even closer to the extreme conditions endured by the chairs.
Contemporary art, he explains, tends to be created to fill gallery spaces and is often huge in scale, requiring similarly enormous display rooms and extensive storage capability.
News reports indicate that they encouraged tourist to fill the galleries.

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