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field gradient
  • gradiente di campo

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The car can scoot around a gold surface when exposed to heat or an electric field gradient.
In addition to generating a controllable field gradient, the wire also serves to generate a radio-frequency magnetic field to stimulate magnetic resonance of the hydrogen nuclei.
This pattern creates the necessary strong magnetic field and field gradient.
A microfabricated wire serves as an electromagnet to produce a magnetic field gradient and thereby exert a force on the spins.
Some congregate where it is warmer, others prefer the cold; some are drawn to the positive, others move toward the negative pole of a field gradient.
Through a suitable modulation of the current in the wire, the interaction between the spins and the field gradient drives the silicon nanowire at its resonance frequency.
He found that while the effect was small, the material was able to generate a cooling effect in response to a moderate magnetic field gradient.

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