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ferment grape
  • fermentare l'uva

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One of my colleagues wanted me to absolutely clarify that fermented grapes are definitely not part of the diet?
His childhood yard smelled, too -- pungent herbs and fermenting grapes.
Using cuttings from wild vines, he fermented the grapes and sold the result to neighbours.
Wine has been a dedicated field of study since humans figured out they could ferment grapes.
In reality, the cosmos was permeated with divinity; each reddening leaf, drop of sticky sap and fermenting grape was suffused with mind.
The region is renowned for its fortified wines, made when alcohol is added to fermenting grapes to stop the process, leaving some natural sugars intact.
At another stop we stick our heads into a huge vat to take in the fumes of fermenting grapes.
They included one tasting of fermenting grape and another of pumpkin.
Rather than make it in small batches, they started to ferment grapes in large vats and started experimenting with different methods of bottling wine.
The funky smell of fermenting grapes singes the afternoon air.

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