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female graduate
  • diplomata femminile
  • femmina laureata

Esempi di utilizzo "female graduate" in Inglese

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In this case, a female graduate student had led the complaint against the professor, and the complaint was taken seriously.
A group of female graduate students came in to complain that they were stuck teaching for other faculty while the men got to teach their own classes.
Setting up for the annual poster competition highlighting climate change-related research led by female graduate students from across the country.
A similar trend in secondary school during the period, with the number of female graduate teachers increasing almost three times than males.
The typical repayment period for a four-year teaching-trained female graduate would increase from an expected 9.2 years (8.8 for males) to 26.5 years (17.7 for males).
Imposter syndrome is especially common in female graduate students.
He stood firm while facing down their placards, suggesting they hunt down a wealthy female graduate of the university to endow a similar college for women.
Lower numbers of female graduate assistants predicted more degree completions in the physical sciences.
In both softball and volleyball, the assistants are women and those sports also have female graduate assistants.

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