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female gorillas
  • gorilla femminili

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The two female gorillas in the exhibit were recalled immediately, but the third, a male, remained in the yard with the child.
Two female gorillas in the enclosure did not approach the child and were unharmed.
Like humans, female gorillas tend to bestow their favours on only one male, whereas female chimps have multiple partners.
Female gorillas have also come up in support of this ideal.
Two female gorillas were also in the enclosure at the time of the incident.
She is also living in an unnatural social situation - and attempts to bring other female gorillas into the family have apparently failed.
His response to female gorillas ranged from indifference to aggression.
By age 7, female gorillas are ready to have families of their own.
Three female gorillas have found love again after the death of their mate left them longing for male affection.

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