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female golfers
  • golfisti femminili
  • golfisti

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Despite the number of high-profile dropouts from the men's tournament, the women's field is much more refined with the top nine female golfers in the world all accounted for.
An equivalent average driving distance for female golfers was 146 yards.
This year's championship is opened to both male and female golfers across the country and the sub region.
Both male and female golfers scored best when listening to jazz and worst when listening to hip-hop, rock or no music at all.
The championship is open to all male and female golfers who are amateur golfers and fall in the age bracket of 21 years and below.
It is one of the most prestigious golf events on the ladies professional golf tour and features nine of the top 10 female golfers in the world.
There are so many great designers and new apparel available for female golfers.
Having the best female golfers on the planet in town is helping grow the game locally.
And the fact that a number of these were lapsed female golfers proved that there has been something more damaging at work than mere perception.
Muirfield, the world's oldest club, sparked outrage after members rejected proposals to allow female golfers after a two-year consultation on membership.

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