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"fellow graduates" traduzione italiano

fellow graduates
  • neolaureati
  • compagni di laurea

Esempi di utilizzo "fellow graduates" in Inglese

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Clairo urged her fellow graduates to keep fighting for the world they want to live in.
She urged her fellow graduates to think creatively and take on challenges one day at a time.
To my fellow graduates, never give up on what you want to do in life.
His fellow graduates came from all different walks of life and their diversity added to the tapestry of learning, he said.
And yesterday she and fellow graduates received their foundation or degree certificates in addiction counselling.
Oswald congratulated his fellow graduates on the hard work they did to reach this point, and encouraged them to follow their own path.
Yousafzai said she was sorry she couldn't be with her "fellow graduates," but added she hoped to visit one day.
It was also a plea to her fellow graduates not to waste time and to "make something happen to this world".
Check out your university's alumni network; many alumni are happy to chat with students and fellow graduates about their careers.

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