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fellow governors
  • colleghi governatori

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He was speaking to the world beside emirs and his fellow governors.
It warned the governor to show respect to his fellow governors.
Wheeler thinks so highly of his fellow governors that he can't hide hopes that they will be among the front runners to replace him.
This is at a time when his fellow governors who succeeded their predecessors complained about meeting an empty treasury.
Nearly all of my fellow governors of both parties have joined with me in asking that the federal government finally get engaged in this national crisis.
I look forward to supporting the incoming chair and working with my fellow governors on the activity planned for the year ahead.
She said she had heard from at least 30 fellow governors offering assistance.
Therefore, you and your fellow governors need to be assured that all the normal policies, safeguards and quality assurance mechanisms are in place and working for any sub-contracted provision.

Esempi di utilizzo "fellow governors" in Italiano

EnglishMinisters, Excellencies, fellow Governors,

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