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"fellow gang members" traduzione italiano

fellow gang members
  • membri della banda compagni
  • compagni membri della banda

Esempi di utilizzo "fellow gang members" in Inglese

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Dillinger helped bust his fellow gang members of out of jail.
He believes he was given up by his fellow gang members in a plea bargain.
He then called his fellow gang members and wanted to attack the residents.
His fellow gang members were hit with the injunction, and in 2009, 147 members and associates were charged in a massive federal racketeering case.
Officers had been watching him and his fellow gang members for at least a week.
One of his fellow gang members hovers around a farmer, hoping for more gainful employment.
Leung suffered a bone fracture in her foot after a skating accident, but her fellow gang members didn't bother to visit her.
He is also barred from having any contact with fellow gang members.
However, he has taken to social media to boast about recent joyriding incidents with fellow gang members.

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