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feet grow
  • i piedi crescono
  • piedi crescono

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When feet grow larger, shoes have to be amended so that they are not worn out.
A six-year-old boy whose feet grow at different speeds is allegedly forced to miss school - due to being deemed a health and safety risk.
Petit could hear the blare of sirens and the murmur of the ant-like figures below his feet grow as news of his walk spread.
The big unknown: how the federal government will regard the six 30,000 square feet grow areas.
Children's feet grow at an incredible rate so it's vital to get their feet carefully measured every time you buy new shoes - especially school shoes.
For children, this can save money by being able to use shoes for a longer period as their feet grow.
It's not a case of just going to the shop and getting a pair of shoes for him because his feet grow longer and wider than regular feet.
He felt himself go numb, his mind turn blank and feet grow cold.
Horses' feet grow constantly and begin to be uncomfortably long after about six weeks, which is about how often he sees a horse.

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