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feel guilt
  • sentirsi in colpa

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But, what many pet owners don't realise is that dogs don't feel guilt.
Even if you feel guilt and remorse, it's so much easier the next time to do it again.
You can't do anything and when you have another child you feel guilt and it's very overwhelming.
The survey also asked whites whether they feel guilt about the privileges and benefits they receive as a white person.
In addition, they may eat until they're uncomfortable, feel guilt or shame after a binge, or hide their binges from others.
He insisted he did not feel guilt, and had done nothing illegal.
There will always be those whites who, like myself, can not really feel guilt about apartheid and therefore can not repent.
Do they feel guilt if they are caught chewing a chair leg or stealing food off the table?

Esempi di utilizzo "feel guilt" in Italiano

EnglishThey must not feel guilt or shame.
EnglishYou feel deep, deep guilt.

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