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feel gratitude
  • sentire gratitudine

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Rather than seeking and pursuing happiness, maybe we should just allow ourselves to feel gratitude and joy in the moments we are in.
The aim is to build positive energy, to feel gratitude and to resolve to live well.
Those with a better worldview than mine make the point that it's impossible to feel gratitude and longing at the same time.
But, at the same time, accept and feel gratitude for what now exists in the life you have at this moment in time.
It is quite easy, especially nowadays, to look at the misfortune of others and feel gratitude for your own lot.
The more you feel gratitude, the more you will have in your life to feel grateful for.
When you feel gratitude, you can not feel fear or worry at the same time.
Many of the poor, particularly women, associate her with the programs and feel gratitude.
That is what makes you stop short, look at someone you love or at the glint of dew on the grass - and feel gratitude.

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