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"feature a guest" traduzione italiano

feature a guest
  • dispongono di un ospite
  • presentare un ospite

Esempi di utilizzo "feature a guest" in Inglese

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The event will feature guest speakers and a gospel choir, and will be free of charge.
The workshop will feature guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields.
The free diabetes support group offers education on how to live with diabetes and features a guest speaker on a quarterly basis.
The agency plans to launch a series of films about the campaign featuring the guests to show what the experience was like.
It's the first song on the album not to feature a guest performance, and as a result it feels a bit more personal and reflective than the rest.
The show will also feature a guest stand-up slot and live music.
Open to the public, the evenings often feature guest speakers on issues in their community.
The bill features guest worker programs and increased enforcement.
The show will feature guests from the worlds of music, art, performance and comedy and run for six weeks.

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