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faulty gene
  • gene difettoso

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Allergies may be caused by a faulty gene, according to a new study, but experts caution not to expect any new treatments from the findings.
Cystic fibrosis, like sickle cell anaemia, occurs when a person has inherited two copies of a faulty gene.
Retinoblastoma can affect one or both eyes and, in about 45 per cent of cases, is caused by a faulty gene.
The researchers produced laboratory mice with a faulty gene (genetic mutation) thought to be linked to obesity because it makes mice less active.
The sultry actress said publicly that she decided to undergo double mastectomy after her doctors informed her carrying a faulty gene.
Just two months after finding out she carried the faulty gene, she found the cancerous lump in her breast.
Naturally, she is also concerned about passing on the faulty gene.
The healthy parents and the healthy siblings carry one mutated copy of the gene and one normal copy that compensates for the faulty gene.
Children have a 50% chance of inheriting the faulty gene from a parent who has it.

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