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fat globules
  • globuli grassi

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As a result, the volume of the watery solution decreases and becomes more concentrated with fat globules, protein particles and dissolved substances such as vitamins.
They are crammed full with fat globules, which together with any food they can exploit takes them through the winter.
Goat's milk has smaller fat globules which make it naturally homogenised and gentler on the stomach.
However, protein clusters and the membranes that surround fat globules in milk conceal the pigment's color, reflecting light in a way that makes milk appear white and opaque.
These micronized fat globules are much "sharper" than their larger forebearers, and serve to abrade arterial lumen (the innermost linings of these blood vessels).
It also separates the fat globules into different sizes, each displaying different characteristics of smoothness and creaminess, which may lead to new products.
Goat's milk is delicate, filled with tiny, fragile fat globules.
Accompanying the aroma was a torrent of water, oil, fat globules, animal hair and thousands of maggots.
They begin to literally fall out of the milk, forming a clumpy net in which fat globules are trapped.
Such chronic irritation triggers a protective mechanism whereby the body plates out cholesterol onto the lumen to protect it from the constant irritation produced by the micronized fat globules.

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