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fasting plasma glucose
  • glucosio plasmatico a digiuno

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Blomquist's conclusions stem from a two-year study of 70 obese, postmenopausal women with normal fasting plasma glucose levels.
During each study visit, the participants' fasting plasma glucose levels were measured.
The researchers also found associations between some particular phthalate levels, but not others, and markers of diabetes risk (fasting plasma glucose levels and insulin resistance) in women without diabetes.
They also underwent a physical examination, and their blood pressure, total cholesterol levels, fasting plasma glucose levels, triglyceride levels and high-density lipoprotein levels were measured.
Researchers checked their health by carrying out a test called impaired fasting plasma glucose.
The number of taste buds on the tongue declines as people age and in a new study, fewer taste buds were associated with higher fasting plasma glucose...
Assess fasting plasma glucose before or soon after initiation of antipsychotic medication, and monitor periodically during long-term treatment.

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