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fast growth
  • crescita rapida
  • rapida crescita

Esempi di utilizzo "fast growth" in Inglese

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Of course, such a forecast would completely discount the fast growth of 1995 to 2003.
Roads, the railway and electricity were the principal factors that were responsible for the fast growth of the economy of the erstwhile region.
The easy availability of student loans has also facilitated the fast growth of private education.
Hall likes investments that meet real needs and have the potential for fast growth.
Many expect that it will turn better in 2017 with the fast growth in some burgeoning areas like cross-border e-commerce, procurement trades and supporting services.
The difference between the capital employed by traders and the exchange turnover is exacerbated due to the fast growth in options turnover in recent years.
But to cope with fast growth, it came down to having the right people on the ground.
They were selected for their fast growth and easy germination without taking into account the negative ecological consequences they created.
This has led to fast growth of the second hand car market.

Esempi di utilizzo "fast growth" in Italiano

EnglishYou see this enormous inequity in China, in the midst of fast economic growth.
Vedete, queste enormi iniquità in Cina, nel bel mezzo della crescita economica.
EnglishA particular example is the fast growth in international tourism in the area.
Ne sono un esempio particolare la crescita rapida del turismo internazionale in questa zona.
EnglishThe countries in question are characterised by high competitiveness and fast economic growth.
I paesi in questione sono caratterizzati da elevata competitività e da una rapida crescita economica.
EnglishThe Asian crisis is the result of the transitional problems facing emerging countries, due to their excessively fast growth.
La crisi asiatica è imputabile ai problemi di transizione dei paesi emergenti dovuti ad una crescita troppo rapida.
EnglishMushrooms are very fast in their growth.
EnglishConsidering the fast growth rate of the sector, I think there is a need to offset its environmental impact in one form or another.
Considerato il rapido tasso di crescita registrato da questo settore, ritengo che sia necessario compensarne, in un modo o nell'altro, l'impatto ambientale.
EnglishCountries in Asia which have seen very fast growth and which were very important to Europe and America succumbed all of a sudden to Asian flu.
Alcuni paesi asiatici che avevano registrato una fortissima crescita, che erano diventati importanti anche per l'Europa e l'America, sono stati all'improvviso colpiti dall'influenza asiatica.
EnglishNo country has fast rates of growth and social protection and sustainable development and environmental protection all at once, meaning that any benchmarking is flawed.
Nessun paese ha rapidi tassi di crescita, protezione sociale, sviluppo sostenibile e protezione ambientale contemporaneamente, il che significa che qualsiasi benchmarking è distorto.

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