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fast growers
  • coltivatori veloci

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Allow for the future growth of the tree species and consider the rate of growth as some trees are fast growers.
Not only are they are fast growers; they require little care and will make the freshest salad you're ever likely to eat.
As fast growers, they are soft, fleshy, and make good compost.
Just under half the fast growers spend significant time and money on salesforce training, compared to 29% of slow growers.
Romneys were fast growers, which were crucial for dry hill country systems.
It is clear that fast growing companies are usually worth more than their slower counterparts, but fast growers should still only be bought when they are undervalued.

Esempi di utilizzo "fast growers" in Italiano

EnglishI also hope that the European display fair, will give a helping hand to our fast-growers.
Spero quindi che la NASDAQ rappresenti un aiuto per le nostre imprese che crescono così in fretta.

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