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farm grow
  • coltivare la fattoria
  • fattoria crescere

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The farm grows vegetables for sale in supermarkets and other locations.
The farm grows vegetables in two different greenhouses as well as outdoors.
The farm grows kale, okra, asparagus, blueberries and more.
California farms grow nearly 90% of all cauliflower, 88% of strawberries, 84% of peaches and 94% of broccoli.
He has seen his farm grow from 120 acres to the present 6,500 acres.
The farm grows a whole range of different fruits including plums, pears, apples and blackberries.
Everyone who enjoys their sweet farm grown bananas, local berries and cucumbers etc.
His farm grew and with each harvest he fed his family, sold crops and employed more to work on his farm.
The farm grows more than 10 acres of produce, you-pick strawberries and pumpkins.
Despite their relatively small size, urban farms grow a surprising amount of food, with yields that often surpass those of their rural cousins.

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