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faraway galaxy
  • galassia lontana

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A very long time ago in a faraway galaxy, a star blew up.
Scientists have detected life-giving gas oxygen in a faraway galaxy, 13.1 billion light years away.
The team made the refinements by developing innovative techniques that improved the precision of distance measurements to faraway galaxies.
Faraway galaxies appear as warped smears or distorted blobs, like you would see in a funhouse mirror.
Interstellar boasts mesmerizingly imaginative imagery in the form of faraway galaxies, undiscovered planets, and most impressively a trippy different dimension that depicts a physical, perceivable view of time.
Astronomers have observed this interaction taking place in faraway galaxies at high redshifts.
To radio eyes, the faraway galaxy and its particle "lobes" are 20 times the size of a full moon.
It is bright and recognisable enough to be seen even in observations of very faint and faraway galaxies.
The technique enables scientists to view extremely precise, sharp details in faraway galaxies.

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