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fall gracefully
  • cadere con grazia

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Not only is it true, it's perfectly formed, falling gracefully into three acts with a rocket launch to finish.
The dress featured detachable details while giving a flattering fit with a cinch at the waist falling gracefully at floor length.
It's a nice compact cultivar reaching about 1m, and the tips of the leaves fall gracefully.
Your brain (and your portfolio) are in danger of falling gracefully out of a tree, like that bear we pictured yesterday.
Because it's an inevitable part of the sport, and it's the primary way of getting hurt, but good skiers fall gracefully and bounce back quickly.
The star looked aghast before eventually laughing off the fall gracefully.
She fell gracefully and wasn't trying to stop herself from falling.
So timing your engine bursts, in order to keep the eponymous copter falling gracefully beneath a giant stalactite or pushing it over an equally large stalagmite, is critical.

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