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faint glow
  • bagliore debole
  • debole bagliore

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I think the birds and the faint glow of the sun just behind and to the right of the arch add to the picture.
Lacking normal eyes, the shrimp instead have a light-sensing organ on their backs, which may help them to navigate in the faint glow of deep-sea vents.
We can on a clear night with the naked eye detect the faint glow of light from a nearby galaxy some two million light years removed.
Working by the faint glow of a flashlight, he slithered through the broken concrete and spotted a beautiful young woman, her crushed arm pinned beneath a pillar.
As we went deeper, the bright sun turned into a faint glow.
It was pitch black, and despite the small light he carried casting a faint glow, we could barely see.
The ninja uses photophores in its skin to produce a faint glow.
Even when it does, the foreground stars are so densely packed together that they blind our telescopes to the faint glow from more distant objects.
If you tented the bedclothes over it and held your book close enough to the faint glow, you could keep reading long after official bed time.

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