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faint glimmer
  • debole barlume

Esempi di utilizzo "faint glimmer" in Inglese

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And yet, there is a faint glimmer of hope among officials even if it's about style, rather than substance.
However, the latest chapter in this dismal saga offers a faint glimmer of hope.
I would say that this represents a faint glimmer of hope for humankind...
One comment did carry a faint glimmer of hope that her mental state might improve.
Plus, there's always a faint glimmer of hope -- like after that barfing scene -- that if she just holds out a little longer, he'll come around.
Because of heavy layer of clouds between here and there, they saw only a faint glimmer.
In fact, it's just delightfully slow the whole way through, never burning at more than a faint glimmer.

Esempi di utilizzo "faint glimmer" in Italiano

EnglishOnly the creation of a billion-euro fund, which is essential in order to attempt to revive subsistence agriculture in the poorest countries, has provided a faint glimmer of hope.
Solo la creazione di un fondo da un miliardo di euro, essenziale per tentare di far riprendere l'agricoltura di sussistenza nei paesi più poveri, ha acceso un barlume di speranza.

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