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facial gestures
  • gesti facciali

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Activity from a total of 1,177 neurons in the 21 patients was recorded as the patients both observed and performed grasping actions and facial gestures.
Watching them, with their remarkably human-like hands, eyes and facial gestures, was rather like watching furry versions of ourselves -- and, unexpectedly, quite an emotional experience.
It has 32 facial motors under a skin like rubber and can do 64 different facial gestures, such as rolling its eyes.
These are enabled through machine learning, which lets her learn speech patterns, recognise words and correct her database of facial gestures.
Digital technology has made us all relentless communicators, while stripping us of some of the basic tools -- tone of voice, facial gestures -- biology wanted us to have.
He is receiving round-the-clock treatment from more than 20 doctors and can only communicate through facial gestures.
His naughty facial gestures, bold romanticism and alluring performance style during picturization of songs made him immensely popular.

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